Dating Resources

As you walk the path to becoming a better dater and a more relationship-worthy person, the resources recommended here will be useful for you to draw upon. The curator has personally checked out and, in many cases, used the products listed here. 

Dating Resources

Photographs are the most critical part of a dating profile.  Poor pictures are the downfall of 90% of dating profiles.  You need at least two professionally taken photos in your profile.

Services listed here allow you to find a professional photographer in your local area, view samples of their work, read reviews, and set up an appointment.  

For Men:  The fact is that most men have no sense of style.  You’ll need professional help assembling a wardrobe before you proceed with photographs.  Check the Personal Stylists section.

The written profile is the second most overlooked key piece to a successful dating profile.  Many of you have LinkedIn profiles that contain some form of a written resume.  You likely had professional help putting your LinkedIn profile together.  Just as excellent job prospects open up for you with a solid LinkedIn profile, excellent dating prospects open up for you with an impressively written dating profile. 

Most written dating profiles need help, especially when it comes to men.  Generally speaking, men unwittingly write their profiles to impress other men—listing accomplishments, touting toys, social standing, and professional status.  None of which tells anyone how fun you’d be on a date. 

Speed dating is the perfect change-up from Online dating.  You get to meet 8 to 12 people in an evening. It’s a lot of fun and excellent practice for social interactions.  Search the Pre-Dating website for a location near you and then register online.

This resource is more specific to men but could also be useful to many women.

Many of the higher-end clothing retailers have personal stylists.  The stylist’s job is the help you pick out clothing that fits you properly, is currently in style, and coordinate matching outfits.  This service necessary for both profile photographs and attire worn on dates.  The service is free; however, you’ll have to pay retail prices.  Once you do this the first time, the retailer will usually communicate with you want sales are going to take place, and you can schedule wardrobe updates accordingly.

Note to Single Men: Almost all of you need help badly in this department.  Make an appointment with a female stylist and go with their age applicable recommendations. 

Podcasts listed 50 Dates at 50 have been used and evaluated by the curator. 

They provide a variety of content. 

All podcasts should be available by name at:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Podcasts
  • iHeartRadio
  • Spotify
  • Stitcher

Stitcher link is currently provided by default.

Dating platforms listed 50 Dates at 50 have been used and evaluated by the curator.  They should work well for most 50 Daters. It is imperative to note that you must have some high-quality photos and a well-written profile.  Unless you do, your online dating experience will be very disappointing.  Free dating websites and apps must be avoided.  The adage, “You get what you pay for” applies very strongly here.  People who pay for dating services tend to be more serious about meeting in person and finding a match.