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The purpose of Chick Flick Movie Review is threefold.

  • For Guys:  There is much here men can learn about romance, such as how to better conduct themselves in a manner that is attractive both to women and to others in general and how to better understand how women think.
  • For Gals:  Women naturally love chick flicks. On initial first date meetings with women, the topic of movies often comes up.  I’ve brought up several of the titles below, only to be surprised that many women were not familiar with them.  The positive feedback received from these recommendations gave me the idea for this page.  For a woman, some of the movies are great distractions that help get your spirits back up when running into bad daters.
  • For Couples:  The movies here also make for a great source of entertainment for couples who are making a meal together, cuddling on the couch, and staying in for the evening.  The choices here give a guy the chance to take the lead and pick out a movie both will enjoy.

I have always been a fan of romantic comedies, initially watching them for their comedic value and not as a potential source of romantic education.  Then I had an epiphany in 2011 on a Cathay Pacific flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong.  Not being able to sleep, I scrolled through the movies, and there was The Notebook.  I’d always heard women really liked this movie, and frankly, there was not much else to watch.  Knowing full well this was strictly a drama, I cued it up and hit start.  Much to my surprise, the movie had a very profound effect on me. I admit it brought me to tears at a few points. Luckily, the cabin was dark, and most passengers were sleeping.

I was hooked, and my consumption of romance movies increased from there.  By this period of time, my marriage had reached roommate status.  We’d grown far apart, and an amicable divorce was just around the corner.  Searching for answers, I began to look at these movies as one of many avenues of learning about romance, love, and relationships.

Movie reviews here at 50 Dates are not meant to be critical but rather analytical from a romantic education perspective.  The reviewed movies meet a decent standard of entertainment and quality.  They also share a dating and relationship message.  Since I’m speaking as a guy, the reviews will tend to be more about what men should pay attention to.  It’s important for us to understand that Hollywood is good at writing bad dating advice into their scripts.  I point this out when I see it. I suspect it’s due to many of the writers not being good daters themselves.  Some of these are classics but worth another view for some fresh perspective.

– Paul

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