Midlife Dating Podcast – Episode 2

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Google Podcasts Listen on Stitcher Listen on Amazon Music Listen on iHeartRadio Have you ever noticed how online dating matchups tend to come in waves of feast or famine? Or how when you get on a dating app, it’s like being in a candy store of […]

Midlife Dating Podcast – Episode 1

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Google Podcasts Listen on Stitcher Listen on Amazon Music Listen on iHeartRadio Host Paul Nelson introduces both Baby Boomers and Gen Xers to the 50 Dates at 50 Podcast. He explains how singles get back into dating and how couples can benefit from emphasizing date night. [...]

Announcing the Midlife Dating Podcast – Launching November 2nd

Hello, 50 Daters, Posting here at 50 Dates has been sparse in the last six weeks as we’ve been in the home stretch of creating the “Midlife Dating Podcast.” The Podcast has been in development for a year. The Podcast has received approval and will be available on 17 podcast platforms including, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, [...]

Date Night Reviews – Maverick Theater – King Kong

King Kong - Adapted from the original 1933 film for stage Description: The setting is 1933, New York. Famed moviemaker Carl Denham is on a last-minute search for a woman to play the leading role in his latest adventure film. His search leads him to a chance meeting with Ann Darrow, a struggling actress who [...]

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) – Dating Glossary

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) – When an individual has to be online extensively with social media or dating apps because they fear they might miss out on something. They’re always on their phone scanning emails, texts, and social media posts. View all

Something Borrowed – Movie Review

Something Borrowed Synopsis: Our story begins at a surprise 30th birthday party for Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin), which was planned by Rachel’s best friend Darcy (Kate Hudson). With the party winding down and Darcy having had a few too many rounds, her fiancé Dex (Colin Egglesfield) takes her home. He returns shortly afterward to retrieve Darcy’s [...]

The Lunchbox – Movie Review

The Lunchbox Synopsis: Our story takes place in modern-day Mumbai, India. It’s just another day on the job for Saajan. After 35 years in the insurance claims industry, he is one month away from early retirement. His wife passed many years ago, and he has become a lonely and grumpy man. Entirely by surprise, his […]

Serendipidating – Dating Glossary

Serendipidating – Is the belief and practice of putting off a currently scheduled date down the road to a different day, or canceling it altogether.  It is done on the unlikely chance you may miss out on a better date with someone else.  Serendipidaters believe fate is on their side and that the bigger, better […]

Before We Go – Movie Review

Before We Go Synopsis: It's shortly before closing time around the Christmas holiday at New York City's Grand Central Station. Nick (Chris Evans) plays his trumpet, mulling over the conflicting decisions that brought him to New York. Brooke (Alice Eve) crosses his path, dropping her cell phone in her dash to catch the last train [...]